Ferritin Blood Test


Feeling tired and low on energy? Our ferritin blood test will help identify whether iron deficiency could be the cause. This test measures the amount of iron stored in your body, which is a good indicator of iron deficiency anaemia, a common cause of fatigue and low energy. The test is validated and analysed by an NHS lab, ensuring reliable results.

What Gets Tested?

  • Ferritin: Measures the amount of iron stored in your body.

Additional biomarkers can be added by personalizing this test.

What are Biomarkers?

Biomarkers are specific compounds detected in your blood sample that reflect different aspects of your health. Your test will report levels for each biomarker and indicate whether they are within the normal range.

What is a Ferritin Blood Test?

A ferritin blood test measures ferritin levels, a protein that stores iron in your cells. Iron is essential for producing red blood cells, muscle health, immune health, bone marrow, organs, and brain development. Abnormal iron levels can cause serious health issues. Other names for this test include serum ferritin, serum ferritin level, and ferritin serum.

Why Use a Ferritin Blood Test?

  • Assess Iron Levels: Screen for conditions like anaemia or iron overload disorders.
  • Identify Causes of Fatigue: Determine if unexplained fatigue, weakness, or dizziness is due to iron deficiency.
  • Monitor Chronic Conditions: Check iron levels in people with chronic diseases like kidney disease or inflammatory conditions.
  • Athletes: Ensure adequate iron levels for performance and recovery.
  • Pregnant Women: Monitor iron levels to ensure sufficient iron for fetal development.

Ferritin Blood Test