Siblingship Test

Our Siblingship DNA Test provides confirmation of familial relationships with fully confidential results and an easy-to-read report. Here’s what our test covers:

Key Benefits
  • Confirmation of Familial Relationships
  • Fully Confidential Results
  • Easy-to-Read Report

What We Test

If you’ve ever wondered if someone is your brother, sister, or half-sibling, a sibling DNA test can provide you with the answers you seek. Our DNA solutions help determine if you share one or both biological parents with another person.

Sibling DNA tests compare the likelihood that two people share the same biological mother or father. They are commonly used for immigrant visas, questions of inheritance, and situations where individuals seek clarity about their biological parentage.

Our DNA tests show the probability of siblingship between two individuals. In a full- versus half-sibling test, the DNA of two individuals with the same biological mother is compared to determine how likely they share the same alleged father. We recommend obtaining samples from the biological mother as well, as this aids in determining which genes came from the mother and which from the father, enhancing the conclusiveness of the results.

For cases where two individuals have different mothers, we can also determine if their fathers are the same by comparing their DNA. In such cases, obtaining samples from the mothers would further strengthen the conclusiveness of the results.

For detailed and conclusive results, our tests offer a thorough analysis and easy-to-understand reports, ensuring peace of mind and clarity in familial relationships.

Siblingship Test