IgE Inhalant Allergy Tests


IgE Inhalant Allergy Tests measure IgE antibodies in response to inhalant allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, animal dander, mold spores, and chemicals. These tests help identify immediate allergic reactions caused by airborne substances.

Test Panels:

Tests for IgE antibodies specific to various inhalant allergens grouped into categories: Pets, Dust, Insects, Molds, and Pollen.

Turnaround Time:

1-2 weeks

Sample Reports:

The test results group inhalant allergens into:

  • Pets
  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Molds
  • Pollen
  • Patients to Benefit from Testing:
  • Individuals experiencing symptoms such as:
  • Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma Attack
  • Respiratory Symptoms (Wheezing, Coughing, Shortness of Breath, Chest Tightness)
  • Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)
  • Conjunctivitis (Red, Itchy, Watery Eyes)
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • GI Symptoms (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain)
  • Rashes or Hives
  • Scratchy Throat or Coughing
  • Swelling of the Eyes, Face, or Tongue


The test measures common inhalants that produce IgE-mediated allergic reactions to help identify specific airborne triggers.

IgE Inhalant Allergy Tests