Liver Function Blood Test



Our at-home liver function blood test helps you check the health of your liver and kidneys. It checks important biomarkers like liver proteins, GGT, and ALP for your liver, and creatinine and urea for your kidneys. Checking your liver function at home is a quick and easy way to avoid liver disease and live a healthier life.

When do I take the test?

  • If you have consumed a large amount of alcohol, we recommend leaving a gap of 72-96 hours before taking this test.

Biomarkers Tested

  1. Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)
  2. Albumin
  3. Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)
  4. Creatinine
  5. eGFR
  6. Gamma GT
  7. Globulin
  8. Total Protein
  9. Urea
  10. Uric Acid

Additional biomarkers can be added by personalizing this test.

What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are specific compounds detected in your blood sample that reflect different aspects of your health. Your test results will indicate your levels for each biomarker and whether they are within the normal range.


Assess Liver Health: Provides insights into liver and kidney health.

Detailed Results: Detailed breakdowns of your biomarker levels.


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