Tiredness & Fatigue Blood Test


Are you feeling tired all the time, low on energy, or fatigued? This test checks your thyroid along with vitamin D, vitamin B12, and ferritin which all play a role in energy production. A thyroid condition or deficiency in these vitamins can leave you feeling tired or fatigued.

Biomarkers Tested

  1. Active B12
  2. Ferritin
  3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  4. Thyroxine (T4 free direct)
  5. Triiodothyronine (T3 free)
  6. Vitamin D (25 OH)

Additional biomarkers can be added by personalizing this test.

What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are specific compounds detected in your blood sample that reflect different aspects of your health. Your test results will indicate your levels for each biomarker and whether they are within the normal range.


Identify Causes of Fatigue: Provides a detailed analysis to identify or rule out common causes of tiredness and fatigue.

Detailed Results: Detailed breakdowns of your biomarker levels.

Why take the Tiredness & Fatigue Blood Test?

This test is a great starting point to find out the cause of constant tiredness, low energy, and fatigue. Testing thyroid stimulating hormone levels, along with vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron (ferritin) can identify or rule out some potential causes. If you want a more comprehensive check, consider the Advanced Energy Test.

Tiredness & Fatigue Blood Test